Meet the Librarians

Meet Betty Giorgi

My reading habits are all over the map, literally. I always have a stack of books from my “to read” list, often titles recommended by friends. I occasionally venture out to snag a book with a great cover but I’m most smitten with books that have strong character development. I find non-fiction titles make great audiobooks for road trips.


Meet Nancy Wagner

I read literary fiction, history and as time permits a smattering of mysteries and other genres. I especially seem to gravitate to British works. Favorite authors include James Salter, Kate Atkinson, Lynne Olson, and Anthony Doerr.


Meet Jill McKeown

Hi! I typically read books off the beaten path, both fiction and non-fiction. I like authors who are more independent and underground but are hidden gems. This often includes titles with a little more edge, grit or a spark of something that inspires awe or taps into emotions that as humans we sometimes avoid.


Meet Krista Hutley

Blurb goes here.


Meet Rachel Garcia

I read (or listen to) mostly literary and historical fiction with a good mystery or fantasy book thrown in once in a while. I believe it's important to read outside your comfort zone now and then, which is why I occasionally challenge myself with a nonfiction or classic title. Share what great book you are reading with me! I'm always searching for that elusive under-the-radar gem.



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