There has been lots of progress the past few weeks, with new paint colors, ceilings going in, and a whole lot of wire and pipes. Take a peek!


New ceiling in Youth Services.

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If you've visited the Library's fiction room, Youth Services department, or Administration offices, you have probably noticed that the library features a unique series of interior skylights. One goal of the current renovation project has been to close up these skylights, providing more floorspace for books and programs. But why were the skylights there in the first place?

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A few of our favorite shots from around the Library-- we can't believe how different these spaces look from when they were offices, collections, and restrooms. 




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Workers have been removing the interior skylight on the second floor this past week. Removing it provides more floor space in youth services for collections and fun!



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Our big renovation kicked off on Monday, March 2, and the crews have already been hard at work. Here are a few things to keep an eye out for during the first weeks of the project:

- The southern portion of Youth Services is closed to the public. Renovation work begins in this area on Monday, March 2.

- The children’s Picture Book collection has moved to the Current Periodicals room and the Juvenile Fiction Collection is in the Youth Program Room.

- The Youth Services desk is now located in the area formerly occupied by the children’s game computers.

- Current Periodicals, including new magazines and newspapers, have been moved out of the Current Periodicals room. New magazines are now housed in the Mezzanine, interfiled with their back issues. Newspapers are on the first floor, directly below the Mezzanine.

- The Interlibrary Loan office has relocated to the office across from the Friends of the Library book store annex on the first floor.

On Monday, December 22, sealed bids were opened and read aloud by the construction management team of Frederick Quinn Corporation. The bid responses will now be reviewed in detail to determine the lowest responsive, responsible bidders. The Board will vote on the recommended list of contractors at its January 20th meeting.

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