As part of the general renovation of the Library, some updates to the Auditorium have been on the books for the entire renovation planning process. The lower level restrooms, which are located in the Auditorium, have been slated to be redone from day 1. When they are complete, they will brighter and more ADA compliant. Additionally, the HVAC ductwork in the Auditorium is being replaced, as is being done throughout the building. These two major updates are enough to keep the room closed for several months, and the Library is accomodating the work by putting much of our adult programming and events on hiatus for the fall. 

But while the room was closed, Library staff and crews decided to add one more big update to the Auditorium: new lighting! For a long time, staff and presenters have known that our old lighting was not quite up to snuff. It was difficult to operate, had many dark spots, and not organized well to highlight speakers and performers. So while the room was being torn up anyway, staff and crews decided to update the whole lighting system.

When this project is done, the new lights will accomplish several goals:

  1. Art will be more attractively and efficiently lighted
  2. There will be easier setups to properly light a variety of types of speakers, performers, and presenters, including those situations where light is needed on a speaker but dark is required for a slideshow presentation. 
  3. The full room lighting will be more even and attractive. The old lights were harsh flourescents that did not match the color or tone of the rest of the lighting in the room, and were recessed in a way that created many dark, uneven spots throughout the room. The new setup will be more even and attractive, making the Auditorium a more pleasant place to attend meetings, study, and generally use the room.

Although the addition of the new lights will extend the work in the Auditorium for about an extra month, into early January, we know that this is a worthwhile addition to the room that staff and the public will appreciate for years to come.

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