We knew going into phase 3 that it would be more involved and potentially more disruptive than our previous two phases, but even library staff have been amazed at how much our construction crews have been in and out of various areas of the First Floor and Lower Level this fall! The crews have been working to minimize the disruption by working in one small area at a time. 

All of the work in the cordoned off areas is to update the HVAC ductwork so that the new boilers can be hooked up before the cold winter weather starts. Work has already taken place near the recent arrivals desk, in the 900s room (history, biography, and travel collections), in the Books Down Under bookstore, and in the Adult Services staff office, and in the coming weeks crews will move into the Computer Lab and Teen Room. 

Staff are doing their best to ensure that the public can still access materials during these disruptions, whether that means moving a portion of the 900s collection to the second floor, or providing computer access via laptops and in other areas while the Computer Lab is closed. 

If you need help finding materials during these busy times, please don't hesitate to speak with a staff member! 

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