This fall, the library will be moving into Phase 3 of our yearlong renovation. The first two phases, which were primarily focused on renovating Youth Services, were very self-contained, but Phase 3 will encompass much more of the building! The major portions include the Current Periodicals Room and the area immediately outside of it, the Auditorium, the Small Meeting Room, the Lower Level restrooms, and portions of the First Floor and Lower Level.

When this phase is complete, you can expect:

  • A renovated Current Periodicals room featuring more comfortable furnishings that take advantage of the big windows.
  • Six new study rooms, including four on the 2nd floor and two on the Lower Level, providing a greater opportunity for independent and group study and small meetings.
  • Brighter, more colorful Low Level restrooms that will be more ADA compliant and easier for all patrons to use and access.
  • Eco-friendly lighting and fixtures will be installed in the restrooms and other renovated portions of the Library.
  • A fully integrated geothermal heating and cooling system. This project was started over the summer when geowells were dug in the front yard, and will be completed this fall as the wells are hooked up to the building and the full system is completed to heat and cool a portion of the Lower Level.

During this phase, there will be times when portions of the collection or certain areas of the Library are unavailable. Staff will endeavor to provide as much advance notice of these closures as possible, and plan to make alternative arrangements for access whenever possible.
Areas from the first two phases of the renovation, including Youth Services and Administration, are fully reopened. Feel free to stop by and see the new design!

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