The Library has been built in phases over many years, which means that when we do a big renovation, we often face repairing or modifying construction standards from the past. One of these, common to many older buildings, is finding asbestos, an outdated and potentially unsafe form of insulation.

During the course of this renovation, our construction crews found asbestos in several areas throughout the building. If asbestos is contained and undisturbed, it does not pose a danger and will not need to be removed. If the asbestos is an a trafficked area, or an area where it may be jostled by construction, the safest route is to have the asbestos removed.

After consulting with an environmental specialist, the Library and the construction team have decided to remove three small areas of asbestos. The removal will take place overnight on July 23 and 24, and no work will occur while the public is in the building. It is not exposed or presently a danger, and it is in areas where new piping must be put in. It is being removed simply because, when possible, it is best practice to remove asbestos. 

During the asbestos abatement, the Library will be open during regular hours. There may be some limited access to the 900s room and other nearby areas, and the Friends of the Library bookstore will be closed on July 24. Please let a librarian know if you need help accessing an area or book on that date. 

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