On Monday,  June 1, crews arrived at the Library to begin the process of digging geothermal wells to provide heating and cooling for a portion of our building. This process is expected to take about 3-4 weeks, depending on the ease of digging the wells. 

The wells circulate water that sheds heat into the earth in the summer, and pulls that same heat out of the earth in the winter. The energy that is pulled out of the ground may then be used to heat a building, and the heat that is removed in the summer provides air conditioning.

The Library will have four geothermal wells, all in the front yard of the building. Each well goes 500 feet into the ground, and takes about 2 days to dig. Occasionally, the drills encounter hard rock that causes the drilling to take longer. Once all four wells have been dug, it will take a few more days to a week to connect the well system to the building. When the drilling and installation is complete, it will be another week or so for the construction team to repair the Library lawn. Although the digging is a messy process, when everything is finished, the lawn will be as good as new and a portion of the building will have economical, eco-friendly geothermal heating and cooling! 

Check out a few shots of the big well tubing and even bigger drills:



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