The renovation of Youth Services is well underway! Though the department won't be completely settled into its new home until early fall, there have been a lot of big changes already. The refreshed department will have new, bright paint; an approachable and colorful reference desk; specialized lighting; and will take advantage of the increased square footage gained when the internal skylight was removed. Take a look at the pictures below for a preview of the big changes still to come!

ProjectOne 3

You can see a few of the new paint colors that will be incorporated in the space.


ProjectOne 44

Goodbye, old mural! It's making way for lots of exciting new features.

ProjectOne 1

You can see the grid for the new ceiling being installed.

ProjectOne 39

A cozy reading area takes advantage of the beautiful windows in YS.

ProjectOne 59

The new YS reference desk is a BIG pop of color!

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